BCSC Summer Camp

BCSC summer camp is a unique and unforgettable experience. We specialize in sailing and sailing education. Campers see a passion for life and the water emminating from BCSC staff and quickly follow suit. While learning to sail, students also learn spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, balance, and determination. Through BCSC's proven methodology, every child who has enrolled in our camps and has shown a desire to want to learn to sail, has been able to do so by the end of a two-week sailing camp.

"Just a quick note to tell you how much our son is enjoying sailing camp! He talks about camp the entire ride to and from the bus and calls family in the evening to tell everyone what he did at camp." - A happy camp parent

Camp Offerings

Beginner, Learn-to-Sail CampS (AGES 8-16) - Good for anyone new to BCSC sailing camps (and some repeat campers). BCSC has been offering two-week learn-to-sail camps for 23 years with tremendous success. One-week options may become available.

Intermediate/ Camps for Returning SailorS (AGES 9-17) - For anyone who has taken the two-week beginner sailing camp. Sailors can choose between racing-focused camps (Opti Green Fleet or Bayfarers Race) and adventure-focused camps (Opti Intermediate, Xcite Turbos and Bayfarers Adventure).

Chesapeake Child Camp (ages 6-8) - This fun, multi-adverture, Chesapeake Bay themed camp is an amazing experience for our youngest campers.

Cove Crabs Camp (ages 9-11) - A Chesapeake Child camp for slightly older campers.

Fishing Camp - The campers usually stay dry, but they have a blast exploring all the local fishing spots around Rocky Point. They will also venture out on a charter boat one day a week to fish even more remote areas.

Available Scholarships - BCSC is hoping to again have some scholarships available. Stay tuned!


Handy table showing camp schedule and pricing

Camp Bus

Most campers ride one of our complimentary buses to and from camp. This service is included in your camp fees. Click here for bus stop locations, times, and details. Bus

Please note that all times are approximate and that the bus may leave a stop early or arrive late. Parents are encouraged to arrive ten minutes early for both pickup and dropoff. Neither the bus company nor BCSC are responsible for children left at the bus stop.

Camp Hours

Monday - Thursday 9AM - 4PM
Friday 9AM - 3PM

Prerequisite Skills

No sailing experience is needed for any of our beginner camps.

Please contact the Director before enrolling in an intermediate camp if you child has learned to sail elsewhere than BCSC so that we can ensure that your child will have the best possible experience. 410-391-0196 or Director@bcsailing.org

Every sailing camper will be required to pass a swim check on the first day of camp to ensure that they are comfortable in and around the water. Chesapeake Children will have an abreviated swim check.

Instructor: Student Ratios

Overall staff: camper, minimum - 1:5
US Sailing Certified Instrutors: sailing campers, minimum - 1:8

These ratios are the minimum at which BCSC will operate. Most camps will have much lower ratios. It is frequent to hear two names when you ask your child whom their instructor is.

Camp Documents

The registrar will email you electronic versions of these documents for e-signature. Please ensure that everything is correct on each document.

  • LIABILITY WAIVER - Please be on the lookout for this very important document. We must have an accurate liability waiver for every camper.

  • BUS PERMIT - The registrar will email you a bus permit for electronic signature

  • IMMUNIZATION RECORD - Must be filled out and signed by a doctor if camper did not attend a Maryland School in 2016-2017 school year. This is the only form that cannot be signed electronically. It must have a doctor's signature.

  • TRAVEL PERMIT - Fishing, Opti Green, Opti Race Team, and Laser/ C420 Race Team only. The registrar will email you a travel permit for electronic signature

Sailor size

BCSC's boats are size and weight dependent. Although a child may be old enough for a particular camp, parents are encouraged to talk to the camp director if their size is outside of these general guidelines. BCSC doesn't want a child to be in a boat that they are too small for (and unable to prevent from capsizing) any more than we want to see someone scrunched up in a boat too small for them. We have a diverse fleet and are able to find the right fit for all kids.

Blue Dragon Prams: 45 lbs - 85 lbs
Xcites: 75 lbs - 110 lbs
Xcites with Turbo Sails: 75 lbs - 115 lbs
JY-15s: 115 lbs - 160 lbs
Optis: 50 lbs - 100 lbs
420's: 100 lbs - 180 lbs

2017 Summer Camp Discounts

The 2017 registration discount period will end on Dember 31, 2016.

A 3% sibling discount will be applied to all siblings registered for BCSC summer camps. This discount was not eligible during the holiday promotion period.

Although it is not a cash discount, BCSC will send a special gift to any BCSC participant who refers a friend. The friend must come from a family who has never participated in any BCSC program.

What to Pack Daily

  • Sun Protection
  • SPF Sunblock, sunglasses and hats are highly recommended and encouraged. Although it is the camper’s responsibility to apply sunscreen, the instructors will encourage its use. Please apply the first application of sunscreen before getting on the bus. Sunglasses will reduce eye strain and have been shown to increase a camper’s ability to focus on the water. Don’t forget croakies (or similar), sunglasses are easily lost when they’re not tied on. Hats are always good.
  • Shoes
  • Sailors will spend a lot of time walking through the water and sand. Sharp shells and boats can cut an improperly protected foot so shoes are very important. Shoes are required at all times and flip-flops are prohibited. Closed-toe sandals, water shoes, deck shoes, or dinghy boots are recommended because they protect the feet and dry quickly. Old sneakers, Crocs or teva-type sandals (with toe and ankle attachments) are acceptable. Picking the right shoe can be daunting and nothing is perfect - just remember that your child will be walking through water, sand, and grass every day in these shoes.
  • Lunch
  • Pack a nutritious lunch for your sailor to eat midday. We do not provide refrigeration so chilled items must be specifically packed with ice or a freezer pack. We will be eating around 12:30 each day, so please make sure your child has breakfast before camp. Healthy snacks are always good.
  • Water
  • Dehydration is a sailor’s enemy and it is very easy to succumb to its force. We have running water on site and can easily refill water bottles. It is the camper’s ultimate responsibility to drink water but they will be reminded multiple times during the day to drink water. Please do not pack soda for your child. It has been shown that soda is counterproductive when trying to stay hydrated. Gatorade is ok but should be used in conjunction with water, not as a replacement.
  • Extra Clothes
  • Campers should expect to be in the water every day. Swimsuits are required and board shorts are recommended. Synthetic-fiber wicking shirts with integral SPF are very functional but are not necessary, (t-shirts work just fine).
    A NE-er will occasionally sit overtop our region for a day or two during the summer. If this occurs, please send lots of warm clothes and waterproof gear (a rain jacket works) so that sailors will have the ability to sail comfortably.
  • Medication
  • Please indicate any medication needs on your registration form and send your child's medication with them to camp. Children will be responsible for taking their own medications. Due to our outdoor setting please keep in mind that your child may encounter allergens such as beestings and pollen.
  • Fishing Camp
  • Campers are expected to bring their own fishing rod, reel, line and hooks. They will bring this to and from camp with them each day.  BCSC will provide bait and some tackle. Campers will walk around the park, checking out different fishing spots throughout the day and should dress to be outside. Shoes are required at all times. It is possible that they may fish from a spot on "the rock" which is much easier to traverse with "grippy" shoes. Additionally, campers may be in the water to collect bait with the seine net, at which time water shoes will be required. Flip flops will not be acceptable when fishing from "the rock" or during swimming times.

    Summer Camp Parent Survey

    Here is a quick snapshot of some of the responses from a 2013 summer camp parent survey:

    • 98% said that they would recommend BCSC summer camps to a friend

    • 100% of attendees to Chesapeake Child camp said that they would return for 2014 camp. 70% of Sailing campers said that they would return.

    • 100% of 2 week sailing campers thought that their child was placed in a camp group with a "great group of peers"

    • 95% thought that the value of the camp was worth the price.

    Meet your Instructors

    Most BCSC instructors were once campers too! Check out who your instructor may be this summer. Meet your Instructors

    All sailing instructors are US Sailing Small Boat Instructors and many are lifeguards as well. Everyone on staff is CPR and First Aid certified. BCSC maintains a 8:1 sailor: certified instructor ratio and an overall 4:1 camper: staff ratio. Most sessions, these ratios are even smaller.

    BCSC Brochure

    BCSC needs help distributing our brochure. If you are able to place them at your child's school or know of a good place for them, please let Kim or Eileen know.

    Expectations and Policies

    By knowing what is expected of campers, staff, parents, the director, and the board, BCSC's summer camps run smoothly. BCSC's grievance policy, emergency procedures, safety rules, information on head injuries, and policies on a variety of topics can all be found here.

    Working for BCSC

    Interested in becoming a BCSC CIT? You will become an intregal part of the BCSC staff and will hold a lot of responsibility. If you are interested in applying, please email Rob with your intent. Interviews will be held in March and a resume is required.

    Expectations of a CIT:

    • Be at least 16 years of age

    • Be Red Cross First Aid and CPR certified

    • Pass a concussion awareness training class

    • Be MD Basic Boater certified

    • Possess basic sailing knowledge; racing experience is preferred

    • Strong work ethic

    • Desire to encourage and mentor younger sailors

    Please note that since it is the sailor that will be working, they are the one who is expected to contact Rob. Parents who make the initial contact will be harming their child's chances of working for BCSC.

    Historically, the majority of applicants who go through this process have been hired. Of these CITs, most have become full sailing instructors who treat their summer job with the professionalism that it is due.