Corn Roasts

1PM - 5PM

BCSC opens up our doors to the community for these fun events. Bring your family and friends to enjoy Rocky Point Park and the BCSC boats at their best. We grill hamburgers, hotdogs and, most importantly, local CORN! Participants can take out any of our boats: Blue Dragons, C420's, Xcites, Kayaks, windsurfers, or JY-15s. A certified instructor will be out on the water to act as a safety boat and will be available to answer any questions. Rig a boat, take her sailing, come in for some grub, take another boat out, eat some more corn, sail some more, and then come in to derig - the best days ever!!!

Many times, these events will include live music or complimentary windsurfing lessons (courtesy of BABA)!

$25/ person or $60/ family at the door

Season pass: $75 / person or $180 / family

Season pass for Friends of BCSC: $25/ person or $60 / family

2016 Corn Roast Dates

Sunday, May 15th- Opening Day (just like a corn roast, but without the corn)

Saturday, July 16th

Sunday, July 31st

Saturday, August 13th

Saturday, August 20st (PLEASE NOTE REVISED DATE!!!!!)


Basic rules for corn roasts:

BCSC Corn Roasts are FUN. However, there are certain rules and policies that every attendee needs to be aware of in order to prevent damage to participants and equipment. 


Properly fitting lifejackets must be worn at all times on BCSC boats, while in the water, and while on the beach. 

There is no lifeguard on the beach. Any children in the water or kayaking must be supervised by an adult. BCSC does not provide this level of supervision during a corn roast. 


BCSC boats are only to be used by those people who have been taught to use them at BCSC. Anyone who has not previously completed a BCSC summer sailing camp or adult learn to sail program must check with the director to be checked-out. 

KNOW YOUR LIMITS!  Sailors must be comfortable and experienced sailing in the existing and expected wind conditions.  Sailing privileges may be limited by the director or on-the-water instructor if conditions warrant. 

Do not let any sailboat touch the sand. Put the boat on a dolly if you are taking a break.

When you are finished sailing, the beach volunteer will coordinate if the boat is to be derigged or left for another sailor. Corn Roast participants are responsible for rigging and derigging their boats.

Sailing limits change based on the conditions.  Typically they extend to the green channel marker, parallel to the busy power-boat channel (aka, do not go into or through the busy channel).  Sailors should stay upwind of the BCSC beach and within sight of the BCSC safety boat.


The sit-on-top kayaks may be used by any participant that knows how to swim and feels comfortable kayaking. Kayaks may not be taken outside of the white swim markers.

Please limit kayaking sessions to 30 minutes so that everyone interested in using the kayaks may have a chance. 

Use of the sit-in kayaks is at the discretion of the director. 

Paddles need be kept on the kayaks, not in the sand. They must be rinsed of all sand at the end of each day. 


All trash must be thrown away in the trash can. This includes corn silk.

We do not place limits on the amount of corn, hamburgers, or hotdogs that a participant may consume. However, please be respectful.  Do not consume more food than you need, especially if someone is expecting to be able to eat that last ear of corn. 


Bottled water is horrible for the environment.  Please use refillable containers whenever possible. If you do take a bottle of water, make sure you drink it all.