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You can support BCSC with a financial contribution, item donation, or your time. All donations are tax-deductible and highly appreciated.

Significant annual contributions will raise you to a BCSC sponsor level, where you will recieve such perks as your business or personal name on our website, e-newsletter, and print brochure.

2015 Donors: Financial Contributions (over $50)


Ed Dryer and Sophia Germides-Dryer



Catherine Brennan

Lisa and David Grasso

Lynn Flanigan

Toni & Joe Fox

David Altman



Julian Krolick and Elaine Weiss

Thomas Washburn

Belair Produce

George Good, Jr.

Michael Beatty

Cecilia and Dr. Ricardo Yazigi

Robert Donegan

Dr. Robert Logel, c/o Michael J. Marqua



John Debes and Alexandra Surcel

Eugene and Carolyn Nuth

George L. Good

Victor Orta

Julie Masiello

Terry Westhead

Bob Battista

Steven Hurt

James Kirschner

Kay Franey

Sandra Lin

Stephen Russell

Richard Bison



Mary Miller

Jamie Halpin

Lillian Crowley

Mike Mahon

Paul & Sara Rybczynski

Michael & Katy Davis

Dan Flanigan

Rebecca Dongarra

Michael Sepanski

Michael Gardullo

William Fannon

Carolyn Hrdlick

Patricia Vercelli

Ian Pinkett

Denise Poggi

Pamela Ayd

Tim DiLauro

Mary Jane Buscemi

Joshua Ewen

Carl Neely

Chic-fil-A at Martin Plaza



THANK YOU! This list is significant and we appreciate your support

In-Kind Donors

Loane Brothers

Alan and Judy Kimmell

William Fannon

Laura Adam

Michael Brown

Dan Flanigan

George Good, Jr.

Bob Battista



Thank you to everyone who donated to BCSC in 2015. We truly appreciate your support.

2014 Donors can be found here

A few items we are hoping to have donated

This list is by no means all inclusive, so please contact the director if you have something not on this list that you think would be beneficial to BCSC. By receiving wish list items from our supporters, BCSC is able to direct our funds towards providing quality programming and purchasing new equipment.

  • Household furniture for instructor house
  • Working refrigerator
  • Working dishwasher
  • Working Washer and Dryer
  • Old bikes
  • "Trailers" for bikes (usually designed for towing babies around)
  • Club 420 Racing Sails
  • Thistle dollies, sails, and road trailers
  • Optimist sailboats
  • 13' Boston Whaler
  • Bookshelves
  • An ergonomic office chair

Long Term Planning and Goals


BCSC is in the early planning stages of a dock system for BCSC. The board is committed to working towards this common goal. Significant fundraising, grants, donations, and volunteer time will be required to make it a reality. Preliminary concept


BCSC's biggest asset is our boats. To remain successful, we must constantly be re-investing in our fleets of boats. The majority of our boats need to be replaced after about 10 years of use... and over half of BCSC's boats are nearing that age. Boats are typically bought in fleets to ensure consistency which helps substantially when doing maintenance and ensures that they are identical for our sailors. A fleet of eight boats can cost anywhere from $17,000 to $64,000 depending on the type of boat.

Three year Rotating Fleet Re-Investment

We rotate our annual re-investment between our three fleets: the singlehanded fleet, the doublehanded fleet and the chase boat fleet. Sometimes our goals are a bit bigger than our pockets and we go to the community for additional support.

2011: Single-handed fleet. We purchased four brand new Optis for the new Opti green fleet program.

2012: Double-handed fleet. We bought eight new-to-us Club 420s. Additional funds were raised during an event featuring Gary Jobson.

2013: Chase boat fleet. We replaced approximately 40% of our outboards.

2014: Single-handed fleet. BCSC sold eight Xcites and is purchasing eight brand new Blue Dragon Prams for our youngest (8-10 yr old) sailors.

2015: Double-handed fleet. BCSC is purchasing new North Blue Ribbon sails for the 420 fleet.

Financial Donations

Financial donations are tax deductible. Please consider donating to one of our causes. You choose whether its for a long-term strategy, yearly fleet turnover, or simply to cover our operating costs.