Friends of BCSC

Do you enjoy BCSC programming? Consider supporting BCSC by becoming a Friend of the Baltimore County Sailing Center. This status level brings numerous benefits and can be considered a "frequent user incentive". Choose a commitment level when you register online.  You will be expected to fulfill your commitment throughout the season and will receive communication with opportunities to do so.

Register for Friends of BCSC and purchase your season passes or TNR program here.

Commitment Levels

$330 / year (Individual) without any service time

$100 / year (Individual) if you volunteer at FOUR regattas, work days, or corn roasts

$200 / year (Individual + Friend) if you volunteer at FOUR regattas, work days or corn roasts. This friend may or may not be related to you but they will receive the same Friends of BCSC program discounts that you are entitled to.  Up to three different adult friends are allowed, but only one at a time.  Your friend is not entitled to any discounts unless you, the individual, is also participating in the program.

$200 / year (Individual + Family) if you and another adult volunteer at SIX regattas, work days, or corn roasts (aka, a husband and wife both volunteering at a corn roast counts as two volunteer days) then both adults will be eligible for Friends of BCSC program discounts as well as Friends of BCSC family pricing for corn roasts.

Work days are typically 3 hours long and we offer 2 in the spring (tentatively April 27th and May 7th) and 2 in the fall. Corn Roasts always need help. The BCSC Junior Regatta on July 8th needs help with race committee, chase boat, registration, and lunches. Get creative: how can YOU help BCSC?

Bring your volunteer ideas to the Director to ensure maximum usage of BCSC’s resources. Any Friend who does not complete their service time will become ineligible for service-based discounts in future years.


  • Adult Learn to Sail - $150 (vs. $300) per person
  • Adults Continuing to Sail - $75 (vs. $150) per person
  • Monday night sailing / racing - $60 / season (vs. $160) per person
  • Corn Roasts - $25 / season (vs. $100) per person
  • Corn Roasts Family Plan - $60 / season (vs. $180)
  • 20% off weekend SUP, kayak, and sailboat rentals
  • Thursday night racing - $80 (vs. $200)
  • Boat storage - $75 (vs. $275)
  • Registration fee waived for Round the Island Race

    Plus, only Friends of BCSC are eligible to use BCSC’s Thistles!

Register to become a Friend of BCSC here:

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