Thursday Night Racing

Portsmouth Handicap & Thistle Fleet #28 Racing

Coordinated through the Glenmar Sailing Association, small boats (under 20’) race every Thursday night. During the peak season, most evenings see two 30+ minute races. Any class that can get at least four boats to the starting line will be granted their own start (currently, Thistles have their own start). If not, there are many unique boats in the handicap start.

Each race is scored using the low point scoring system. All races within a month constitute a Series, of which trophies are given for each series. Details regarding throwouts and scoring can be found in the Notice of Race (coming soon). Overall season winners are determined using a high point scoring system and the history of those winning skippers are listed at the bottom of this page.

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Program Fee

$200/ Season ($80/ Season for Friends of BCSC). The racing season starts in May, continues through September, and includes one full weekend day in the Spring and one in the Fall.

This fee includes the annual Glenmar small boat racing fee ($40) which BCSC will pay to GSA on your behalf. The continued healthy relationship between GSA and BCSC is exemplified by the Thursday night racing program. BCSC provides the powerboats used for race committee and markset, gassed and ready to go. GSA coordinates the volunteers to run the program and supplies the race management equipment.

Glenmar dues must be paid separately and directly to Glenmar. Skippers who do not belong to Glenmar are typically granted trial permission to race in one series during their first season. Afterwards, they are expected to join GSA. Contact the GSA small boat fleet captain for more details. For 2016, this is Bill Lammaree.

Every sailor must complete a BCSC Liability Waiver and comply with BCSC safety rules, including lifejacket use, at all times on and off the water.

Boat Storage at the Point

$275/ Racing Season ($75/ Season for Friends of BCSC). Boat storage at the point is only avaiable to participants of the Thursday Night Racing program and most participants do store their boats here and launch with a trailer. Boats are stored on the grass next to the parking lot. Boats may be brought in two weeks before the racing season begins and must be removed as soon as possible after the last race of the season. Boat owners will have access to their boats (aka, entry into the park) during the season.

Every boat owner must complete a BCSC boat storage agreement in order to store their boat at Rocky Point.

Boat Storage at BCSC

$275/ Racing Season for rack space ($75 for Friends of BCSC)

Boats stored on a dolly will have the option to store their boats on BCSC's laser rack in 2016 and beach launch. Please respect that BCSC is running numerous programs during the Summer and the boat owner will not be able to access their boat during camp hours.


Every boat owner must complete a BCSC boat storage agreement in order to store their boat at BCSC.

BCSC Thistles

Beginning in 2016, BCSC will have 2 Thistle sailboats on trailers available for Friends of BCSC to adopt for the racing season. These Friends of BCSC will volunteer their time to prepare, improve, and maintain the boat. TNR small boat racing fees will still be required. This program is on a first-come, first-serve basis and particpants are only allowed to participate for one year. To adopt a Thistle, skippers must demonstrate to the director that they possess the knowledge and skill to safely sail and maintain a Thistle.

Past High point Winners

Year Thistle Portsmouth
2007 Dave Fahrmeier Sam Jackson
2008 Dave Fahrmeier Sam Jackson
2009 Eileen Fahrmeier Sam Jackson
2010 Dave Fahrmeier Sam Jackson
2011 Bill Lammaree Sam Jackson
2012 Ron Connor Sam Jackson
2013 - Sam Jackson
2014 - Sam Jackson

Register for 2016 season:

1) Optional: Become a Friend of BCSC

2) Complete online registration here. You will need your crew(s) email address(es) to complete this step.

3) Complete the 2016 Boat Storage Agreement.

4) Ensure that all sailors (skippers and crew) have signed a BCSC liability form.


Welcome to Thursday night racing!