Volunteer Information

BCSC is a Community Sailing Facility which relies on the philanthropic character of its participants. We can offer community service hours in exchance for your help, if needed for your school. Thank you for all you have done to ensure our success the past 22 years. Lets keep going for another 20 years!

Volunteers find helping around BCSC to be enjoyable and rewarding. We have many opportunities to help out, including work parties (usually commissioning and decommissioning the boats), low-key week days helping out around the site, Eagle Scout final projects, and many other options.

Work parties are on Saturdays and Sundays in the Fall and Spring. See the Calendar for dates, times, and goals. Many people show up to help us during these days, including campers and local sailors. Usually we provide coffee and donuts too!

Many retirees find themselves available on week days in the Fall and Spring to help improve BCSC's site and boats at a slower pace. We have built kayak racks, painted boats, repaired gelcoat, and numerous other projects. BCSC's appearance continues to improve because of the week day volunteers.

Many Eagle Scout candidates have chosen to complete their final project for BCSC. They work with the director to find a BCSC need and then use their leadership skills to remedy the issue. Past scouts have fixed the beach erosion, spread stone in critically muddy areas, painted the sheds, and made outdoor classrooms.

Our sailing programs are always looking for volunteers with dinghy sailing experience to help out. Special Olympics needs people that can commit to every Tuesday evening in June and July to partner with an athlete. Racing programs need race committe support on Mondays, Thursdays, and weekends.

Just let the Director know how you want to help!